Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth due to lack of eruption or partial eruption can produce various symptoms and issues that might require medical attention. It includes infection, neighboring bone, and soft tissue, agony and headaches, decay or cavities of a tooth, erosion into the second molars, shifting of adjacent teeth, bleeding of the gums, cyst formation surrounding the wisdom tooth, bone invading or encompassing adjacent teeth. 

Removal of wisdom teeth

The dentist will surgically remove your wisdom teeth depending on their position and stage of development. An oral pre-extraction exam will be conducted before the extraction. When a wisdom tooth gets fully erupted through the gum, it gets easy to extract just like any other tooth. But on the other hand, if the wisdom teeth are beneath the gums also embedded in the jawbone, then it will require an incision into the gums. This is for the removal of the part of the bone that lies over the tooth.

Whenever a tooth gets in such a situation, the tooth is then extracted in little sections instead of getting removed in just one piece. The amount of the bone to be removed will be lessened for the tooth extraction.


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