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I welcome you to our practice! Here at Picacho Dental we are committed to providing quality dental care in a comfortable environment. We all know how important our teeth are. They give us self-confidence when we have the ability to show off our smile to others. They help us maintain our health by aiding in the digestive process when we eat. They help us retain a youthful appearance by supporting our lips and cheeks throughout our lives. Because of these simple reasons it is of upmost importance to me to help all my patients retain their natural dentition. Unfortunately neglect and infrequent visits to the dentist can lead to conditions (tooth decay and gum disease) which require the removal of teeth because of pain and infection. For this reason we try to stress to all of our patients the importance of dental health maintenance, regular cleanings and checkups, to prevent big problems from occurring.


Meet Dr. Lemmon

A Word from Dr. Lemmon

Dr. Lemmon was born and raised in Yuma. Growing up he enjoyed the usual activities that Yumans become accustom to. During the winter months the sand dunes were his favorite activities. During the summer months skiing on the Colorado River was his favorite pass-time. These experiences at a young age instilled in him a desire to raise a family in Yuma and bring them up doing the same things he enjoyed as a youth. Dr. Lemmon met his wife Zulema in Mexico. They have been married for 14 years and have four children.


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