This Is How You Save a Knocked-out Tooth

This Is How You Save a Knocked-out Tooth

This Is How You Save a Knocked-out Tooth

Whether it is a child falling on his chin or an adult involved in an accident, a tooth can get knocked out of its socket. Very few people know that a knocked-out tooth can be placed back into its socket and salvaged. 

Often, the tooth can be re-attached to become fully functional again, if placed back into its socket within 30-60 minutes of the injury followed by a visit to the dentist. 

You can also visit Dr. Lemmon from Picacho Family Dental in Yuma, Arizona, to save your knocked-out tooth. Your tooth will be reattached and made fully functional again.

How to Save a Knocked-out Tooth? 

Below are some steps to follow in order to save your knocked-out tooth:

  • Locate the Knocked-out Tooth

It is vital that you locate the tooth immediately and pick it up by touching its crown or the chewing surface and not its root.

  • Rinse the Tooth

Gently rinse the tooth with water. Do not use any chemical substances or soap to clean the tooth. Moreover, do not scrub the tooth or dry it. Do not wrap the broken or knocked-out tooth in cloth or tissue.

  • Reposition the Tooth in Its Socket

For the tooth to be salvaged, it’s necessary to put it back in its socket immediately. Carefully handle the tooth by its crown and place it in the socket. You can use your fingers to gently reposition the tooth above the socket while closing your mouth carefully and slowly. Gently bite down on the tooth so as to hold it in its place in the mouth.

  • Keep the Tooth Moist at All Times

The tooth needs to be kept moist at all times either in milk or in your mouth beside your cheeks if it cannot be placed in the socket. Alternatively, an emergency tooth preservation kit can also be used to store the tooth. Do not use water to moisten the tooth as the surface cells of the tooth root cannot tolerate water for longer periods.

  • Visit a Dentist Immediately

Visit your dentist within half an hour of the injury. Don’t forget to carry your tooth along to the emergency appointment.

To know more about how to handle knocked-out teeth, call Picacho Family Dental at (928) 344-3177 or visit us at 3325 S Ave 8 E Suite 4, Yuma, Arizona 85365.


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