Suffering from Dentophobia? Sedation Dentistry in Yuma Can Help

Suffering from Dentophobia? Sedation Dentistry in Yuma Can Help

Suffering from Dentophobia? Sedation Dentistry in Yuma Can Help

If you suffer from dentophobia, you’re in good company.

Studies suggest that 48% of people experience some type of dental anxiety. 

Sadly, this fear has a serious impact on public health. 73% of people say that their oral health has a direct impact on their quality of life. 

We have good news: innovative sedation dentistry can help ease your fears so you can receive the quality care you deserve!

What is Dentophobia?

Fear of the dentist goes by several names: dentophobia, odontophobia, dental anxiety. 

61% of participants in a study said that their current fear stems from a previous traumatic experience at the dentist’s. Meanwhile, 56% said that as a child, they had a sibling or parent who expressed a fear of dentistry. 

Regardless, this fear holds you back from receiving the oral care you need. 

According to the CDC, more than one out of every three adults hasn’t seen a dentist within the past year. Routine checkups are vital to preventing larger oral problems like cancer, periodontal disease, and gingivitis as well as general health problems like heart disease.

Compassionate Sedation Dentistry in Yuma

At Picacho Family Dental, Dr. Jason Lemmon, Dr. Allegra Lichauco Hopkins, and friendly staff will do everything possible to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your procedure.

Have dental anxiety? Let us know! We offer a wide range of sedation options to meet your particular needs including

Inhaled minimal sedation: Using a mask, nitrous oxide helps you relax with different levels of sedation but letting you recover quick enough to drive home in many cases!

Oral sedation: Pills will make you feel relaxed or fall asleep during your procedure.

IV conscious sedation: If you’re not afraid of needles, IV sedation may be your best choice since it works faster than oral sedation.

Not sure which sedation option is right for you? Schedule an appointment or call at (928) 344-3177 to talk to the friendly Picacho Family Dental team!


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