How Does Bruxism Affect Your Teeth While You Sleep? Bruxism Prevention Tips

How Does Bruxism Affect Your Teeth While You Sleep? Bruxism Prevention Tips

Kids and adults clench or grind their teeth. It is called bruxism and it usually happens at night. Regular teeth grinding can cause significant enamel erosion and other oral health issues. Picacho Dental is here to assist you.

Bruxism and Impact on Teeth

Sleep bruxism is an involuntary clenching and grinding of the teeth while sleeping. Young children, adolescents, and young adults are most susceptible to sleep bruxism. 

People are generally unaware of their teeth grinding while sleeping, which can cause tooth wear, jaw and neck pain, headaches, and long-term temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. We can reduce the frequency, severity, and symptoms. Also, home care tips can help you deal with bruxism.

Tips to Prevent Bruxism 

Several tips can help prevent and treat sleep bruxism-related irritation of the teeth, jaw, and neck:

  • Avoid eating hard foods such as nuts, popcorn, and many hard candies
  • Be wary of peanut butter and other sticky, difficult-to-chew foods
  • You should not chew gum
  • Change your sleeping position or pillow to provide more head and neck support
  • To relieve pain, apply a hot compress or an ice pack to the position

Exercises for the Mouth to Combat Sleep Bruxism

Several mouth exercises can help relieve pain and improve jaw range of motion. The following are the steps in one exercise that has been shown to relax the muscles involved in teeth grinding:

Step 1: Gently close your lips while keeping your top and bottom teeth from touching.

Step 2: Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth, but not against your teeth.

Step 3: Maintain this position for as long as possible.

Another exercise to help with jaw movement is as follows:

Step 1: Place your hands on your TMJs (where the lower jaw connects).

Step 2: Open your mouth slowly for five to ten seconds.

Step 3: Close your mouth slowly.


  • Create habits for positive stress management
  • Putting on a custom mouthguard
  • Use of mandibular advancement devices
  • Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign

Bruxism can have a long-term impact on the health and appearance of your teeth. As a result, it is critical to treat teeth grinding as soon as possible to preserve your tooth structure. 

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