How to Straighten Your Teeth: ClearCorrect vs Traditional Braces

Written By Picacho Family Dental on December 3, 2018

Everyone wants a perfect smile. However, sometimes you need a little help.

Whether you’re looking to correct or decrease crooked teeth, braces and other dental aligners are effective methods. Both treat a range of teeth conditions, but the differences between the two are indisputable.

To make the best choice for your oral health, start by understanding how traditional braces and ClearCorrect treat your teeth differently.

4 Key Differences Between ClearCorrect and Metal Braces

Traditionally, metal braces were an orthodontist’s go-to hardware for treating all common smile problems. However, in the late 1990s, we saw a breakthrough in the realm of invisible teeth aligners as a comfortable alternative.

In 2006, ClearCorrect hit the market, offering the same convenience as other popular aligners but at a much lower cost. While both braces and ClearCorrect attempt the same outcome of a perfect smile, there are key factors that distinguish the two.

1. The Fitting Process

ClearCorrect uses 3D technology to create custom-fit aligners made from dental-grade plastic. Instead of adjustments made every few weeks to tighten braces, most of which can be uncomfortable and even painful, new ClearCorrect aligners are created and replaced to reflect the changes in your smile.

2. The Look

Just thinking of the term braces conjures up imagery of a mouth full of metal. Some people shy away from this treatment because it makes them feel self-conscious. 

ClearCorrect fixes this inconvenience by being invisible. People can wear them with little change to their natural appearance.

3. The Convenience

In the battle for convenience, ClearCorrect wins, no contest. Unlike braces which are permanent fixtures of your smile, ClearCorrect aligners can be removed when eating and brushing your teeth.

This means no more food particles wedged between the metal brackets which will improve oral hygiene during the process.

4. The Effectiveness

Both ClearCorrect and metal braces have proven their effectiveness on correcting common teeth problems. However, the determining factor in your choice will be the type of condition you are looking to fix. 

Metal braces have the advantage when treating more complex cases, where the problems have advanced beyond a more convenient solution.

ClearCorrect or Braces: What’s Right for You?

If you’re considering improving your smile, it’s important to understand the options that are at your disposal. Dr. Jason Lemmon and Dr. Allegra Hopkins of Picacho Family Dental believe that every patient should be informed to make the right choice for their unique situation.

This brief introduction to ClearCorrect and braces is just the start. To continue learning about your options, schedule a consultation at Picacho Family Dental or call 928-318-6359 today!

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