Take the Fear Out of Wisdom Teeth Removal With Sedation Dentistry in Yuma

Written By Picacho Family Dental on June 25, 2018

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted instills fear in some people. However, the procedure isn’t as scary as some believe it is. 

With a dentist who offers sedation dentistry, it doesn’t matter if your wisdom teeth require standard extraction or you have an impacted wisdom tooth. Dr. Lemmon makes the process comfortable and stress-free. 

Types of Wisdom Tooth Removal Services

If you require wisdom tooth removal in Yuma, Dr. Lemmon offers surgical, routine, partial impaction, and complete impaction removal. 

Types of Sedation Available for Wisdom Tooth Removal in

Dr. Lemmon has various types of sedation options available, including IV sedation and nitrous oxide. 

A local anesthetic is an injection in your mouth that numbs the location where your tooth is. In addition to the local numbing agent, the dentist may give you nitrous oxide to relax you during the procedure.

Dr. Lemmon may prescribe an oral medication like a benzodiazepine such as triazolam to ease your anxiety and possibly induce sleep during your wisdom tooth removal.  

During IV sedation, the dentist numbs your mouth using a local anesthetic and then runs an IV line with a drug that makes you drowsy. It’s possible you’ll sleep through the entire procedure. 

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Removal Using Sedation Dentistry

Depending on the type of sedation you and Dr. Lemmon decide on, you may sleep during the entire procedure, so you won’t even know what’s going on while it happens. 

If you choose to use nitrous oxide, you relax during the procedure, so you’re not so tense. 

Sedation dentistry reduces your anxiety and can even help those with dental phobia.  

Don’t delay getting your wisdom tooth removed with Dr. Lemmon of Picacho Family Dental, who serves Yuma, Arizona and the surrounding area. He takes the necessary measures to make the procedure comfortable for you. Schedule an appointment to have your wisdom teeth removed by calling 928-318-6359 today.  

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